Reflections on Advance Care Planning — April 24, 2019

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To mark Advance Care Planning Month, Dying With Dignity Canada held an interactive webinar on April 24 that featured two highly skilled DWDC volunteers who lead workshops on planning for end of life.

These two experts reflected on their on-the-ground experience helping people plan their wishes for care at end of life. Topics that were covered included how to start the conversation about your wishes, the resources that exist to help you make an ACP, and the most common questions they receive at their ACP workshops.

Speakers for this event included:

— Susan Harrison, an ACP educator and independent-witness coordinator with DWDC’s Ottawa Chapter
— Connie Jorsvik, a former RN and current independent healthcare navigator and patient advocate in B.C.

Advance care planning is an opportunity to think about what matters most to you and what that means for your care choices, especially at end of life. Having conversations about end of life can be challenging but it is important for you and your loved ones.

This webinar was presented as part of DWDC’s End in Mind Online Education Series.

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