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Webinars | May 8, 2024

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MAID Family Support Society

Every journey with MAID carries its own story. For the loved ones of those considering or pursuing MAID, this journey can be filled with many emotions. Joined by MAID Family Support Society (MFSS) founder Signy Novak and volunteer Robin Farr, our session on Wednesday, May 8 explored the invaluable one-to-one peer support programs offered by MFSS.

Signy Novak’s dad used MAID in 2018 and this was the most profound experience of her life. During this process she realized there was minimal support available for family and friends supporting someone on the MAID journey, which inspired her to start MAID Family Support Society (MFSS). She credits the ongoing success of the organization to the valued community of volunteers and partners who have been committed to its growth since 2021.

Robin Farr is the program manager for MAID Family Support Society as well as a board member and volunteer peer supporter. She got involved with the organization after her dad chose a medically assisted death in 2021, and she’s passionate about ensuring there is proper support for family members and loved ones of those choosing MAID.

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