Looking Back: MAID in Canada

Webinars | March 31, 2022

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Looking Back: MAID in Canada

Medical assistance in dying (MAID) has been available in Canada since 2016. In this webinar, we reflected on the people who advocated for MAID to be permitted, those who recognized the flaws in Canada’s initial MAID legislation, and those who led the way for MAID access.


  • Kimberley King, Friend of Audrey Parker, Advocate for Audrey’s Amendment. Audrey asked Kimberley to continue her advocacy for Audrey’s Amendment. Following her death Kimberley worked closely with Dying with Dignity Canada to continue to fight against late stage consent. In March 2021, changes to Canada’s MAID legislation became law and Audrey won her fight for all Canadians.
  • Dr. Ellen Wiebe, Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia, MAID Provider. After 30 years of full-service family practice, she now restricts her practice to women’s health and assisted death. She developed Hemlock Aid to provide consultations for doctors and patients about aid in dying and provides assisted death.
  • Price Carter, son of Kay Carter and brother to Lee Carter who brought the case for the right to an assisted death to the Supreme Court of Canada. Price assisted his sister as the case became more public in speaking engagements, interviews on radio and TV, and in discussions with the Government of Canada as they introduced legislation that effectively neutered the rights that the Supreme Court ruled that all Canadians have to an assisted death.

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