Replay: DWDC presents to Parliamentary committee on assisted dying

Did you miss the live broadcast of Dying With Dignity Canada's comments Monday to the Special Joint Committee on Physician-Assisted Dying? Not to worry. Click on the video below to watch a replay of CEO Wanda Morris and incoming CEO Shanaaz Gokool's presentation.

Morris and Gokool spoke powerfully about the need for doctors to provide effective referrals and also the importance of patients — for example, those with an early dementia diagnosis — to be allowed to request assisted death in advance via a binding declaration.

Consisting of MPs and senators from different parties, the committee has been tasked with supplying Parliament with recommendations for how to legislate on physician-assisted dying. Though hearings are still underway, the committee is set to deliver its report on Feb. 26.

By that time, little over three months will remain until the Supreme Court's decision on assisted dying will come into effect. The ruling was originally set to come into force on Feb. 6, 2016, but the high court agreed to give the federal government and the province four more months to prepare for the implementation of the decision.

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