Dr. Paul Henteleff

Dr. Henteleff grew up in Stonewall, a small community near Winnipeg. He graduated from medicine in 1956. Initially, he worked in a general family practice, but after 12 years he took a job as the Assistant Executive Director of Manitoba Health Services Commission. In that role he helped design the Manitoba Personal Care Home Program. Dr. Henteleff then returned to clinical practice, this time at St. Boniface Hospital. There he quickly assumed the role of medical director of the Terminal Care Unit. The "Terminal Care Unit" which opened in November 1974, was soon renamed "Palliative Care Unit," following the example of Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal.

Dr. Henteleff retired in 1991, the year he became the founding president of the Canadian Palliative Care Association. He retired from the board of Hospice Palliative Care Manitoba in 2013, after more than twenty years as a board or committee member.


All palliative care situations are unique and sometimes even the best possible care does not work to alleviate suffering.

I draw on the long and honoured tradition of killing war comrades on request; there are comparable situations in civil life where imminent death is inevitable and no relief is available.