Dr. John A. Thomson

Dr. John A. Thomson died on October 25, 2018. Read his obituary here.

Dr. John A Thomson, BPHE, MD, DPH received his medical degree from U of T in 1951. Dr. Thomson was involved in training, research, and medical practice in Wawa and Elliot Lake Ontario.

In 1963 he completed his diploma in public health and worked in various positions in Health Canada: the Food and Drug Directorate, Medical Services Branch and Canada Pension Plan.

After retiring in 1987, Dr. Thomson became actively involved in the Canadian Pain Society and various right-to-die groups.    


I have long been a supporter of the right to die. I am even more strongly in favour now as I find myself changing from a promoter to a prospective client.  

I'm delighted with recent breakthroughs, and support gentle but relentless pressure to improve the quality of life for dying patients.