Dr. Gerald Ashe

Dr. Gerald Ashe, MD, CCFP (PC), FCFP, is a family doctor who has practised for 39 years, six of those in PEI and the last 33 in Brockville, Ontario. He has a special interest in palliative and geriatric medicine. 

Dr. Ashe has supported the right to die both by speaking up in his local community and by submitting letters, published in the Globe and Mail, in support of end-of-life choice.


As a physician, I feel compelled to support my patients and to be there for them, even in the face of their rare and difficult decision to forego the suffering of their terminal illness and to end their life. As an individual, and under similar circumstances, I believe that I have the right to end my own life peacefully and without legal consequences for my family, friends or physician. 

To read about Dr. Ashe's viewpoint in more detail, please see his letter to the Vancouver Sun.

You can follow Dr. Ashe on Twitter, too: @GeraldAshe.