Dr. Derryck Smith

Dr. Derryck Smith, MD FRCPC, graduated from Medical School at the University of Western Ontario and completed training and certification in psychiatry at UBC in 1985. Dr. Smith currently focuses his practice on treating ADHD and brain injury in children and adults. He also performs psychiatric assessments for individuals with workplace disabilities. He has particular expertise in the area of traumatic brain injuries in the workplace.


Dr. Smith is a Clinical Professor Emeritus with the Department of Psychiatry. A former chair of Dying With Dignity Canada's Physicians Advisory Council, he is also past president of the Medical Legal Society and the B.C. Medical Association and was chair of the board for Greater Vancouver Mental Health Services Society. 

Dr. Smith also submitted an affidavit in the Lee Carter case. It can be read here.  


My father had a particularly miserable time for the last five years of his life. He didn't enjoy himself at all and wanted me to take him to the river and dump him in. People at the end stages of their lives ought to have options.