Dr. Dave Lambert

Dr. Lambert died on August 30, 2014. Read his obituary here.

Dr. Lambert, MD MSc FRCS, is a retired orthopaedic surgeon, originally from England. Dr. Lambert trained in Rehabilitation Medicine in Seattle where he worked with the Pain Clinic. He then moved to Quebec and spent 20 years trying to learn French. Diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in 2012, he wrote a brief outline of a secular morality called "Notes on a Life" to leave as a guide for his young son.

Dr Lambert has also written a letter to the MNAs of the Quebec National Assembly encouraging them to pass Bill 52. 


As life draws to a close, the duty of a physician moves from a prolongation of days towards compassion and relief of suffering, which may possibly require the hastening of dying if the patient requests it. Society now largely recognizes the need, but this new role puts a heavy burden on the medical profession. It must be seen as an act of compassion, not killing, as some hysterical voices claim.