Dr. Anne Kenshole

Dr. Kenshole trained in internal medicine and OBGYN in the U.K. before coming to Canada to do one year of post-graduate research. She never left. Instead, Dr. Kenshole has spent the past 40 plus years working and teaching in Canada.

Dr. Kenshole was the medical director for the Tri-Hospital Diabetes Education Centre (TRIDEC) at Women's College Hospital and a professor in the faculty of medicine at the University of Toronto. She is also a founding member of the Society of Obstetrical Medicine and a member of the Banting and Best Diabetes Centre. 


"When chief of a general medical ward in a teaching hospital, I was too often aware that even with the expert and compassionate input from all members of the team, including a pain specialist, the chaplain, nurses and social workers, it was not always possible to achieve adequate relief of physical and emotional distress for people with incurable illness.

Quality of life is far more important than simply trying to prolong life at any cost for most people as well as their families. No one who can make an informed choice should be denied the opportunity of a peaceful and dignified death at a time and place of their choosing when faced with the alternative of a 'bad' death."