Make an Advance Care Plan

Don’t leave your end-of-life care to chance. Our free Advance Care Planning Kit takes the guesswork out of documenting your wishes.

What is an Advance Care Planning (ACP) Kit? 

DWDC’s Advance Care Planning Kit invites you to think about and express your wishes for health care and treatment at the end of life. It is intended to provoke thinking, conversation, and planning, and to encourage communication between you, your loved ones, and your health care providers. 

Within the ACP Kit, you will find important background information on Advance Directives and appointing a Substitute Decision-Maker.* Once you have downloaded and finished working through the kit, download the form for your province or territory to create your own Advance Directive and appoint a Substitute Decision-Maker for Health.

🛈 The current laws of Canada do not allow you to make an advance request for medical assistance in dying (MAID).

How to create an Advance Care Plan 

Consider your values, beliefs, and preferences for future health care – DWDC’s Advance Care Planning Kit offers a step-by-step guide.  

Decide who you would like as your Substitute Decision-Maker – we recommend it be someone who knows you well, who will respect your beliefs or values, and whom you trust to carry out your wishes. 


  • Your values, beliefs, and preferences in an Advance Directive 
  • Who you appoint as Substitute Decision-Maker for Health and Finances (separate documents may be required)  

Review all documents regularly to make sure they still accurately reflect your wishes. 

Step 1

Download a free Advance Care Planning Kit

Téléchargez une Trousse de planification préalable des soins gratuite

Step 2 

Download the corresponding form for your province or territory to create an Advance Directive and appoint a Substitute Decision-Maker*. 

The terms Advance Directive and Substitute Decision-Maker may not be used or may be different depending on the province or territory in which you live. All of this is outlined in DWDC’s Advance Care Planning Kit. Please ensure you download the correct form for your location below.

> Alberta

> British Columbia

> Manitoba

> New Brunswick Nouveau-Brunswick (FR)

> Newfoundland and Labrador

> Northwest Territories

> Nova Scotia

> Nunavut

> OntarioOntario (FR)

> Prince Edward Island

> Quebec Québec

> Saskatchewan

> Yukon

Step 3

Download a wallet card/fridge note for your province or territory to let others know that you have an Advance Care Plan and a Substitute Decision-Maker. 

Wallet Cards:

Fridge Notes:

> Alberta > Alberta
> British Columbia > British Columbia
> Manitoba > Manitoba
> New Brunswick > New Brunswick
> Newfoundland and Labrador > Newfoundland and Labrador
> Northwest Territories > Northwest Territories
> Nova Scotia > Nova Scotia
> Nunavut > Nunavut
> Ontario > Ontario
> Prince Edward Island
> Prince Edward Island
> Quebec
> Quebec
> Saskatchewan
> Saskatchewan
> Yukon
> Yukon

Additional Resources: 

NOTE: These resources are provided as a guideline only and are not a substitute for legal or medical advice. 

DWDC's Advance Care Planning Kit is available free of charge, thanks to a generous donation from The Slaight Family Foundation.