Making an advance care plan

Our free Advance Care Planning Kits take the guesswork out of documenting your wishes for end of life.

Don’t leave your end-of-life care to chance. Our Advance Care Planning Kits will help give you the medical treatment you want and the peace of mind you need.

What is an Advance Care Planning Kit?

These free Advance Care Planning Kits contain information and questions to help you think about your wishes for care and discuss them with your substitute decision-maker. The kits also include province-specific forms so you can designate your substitute decision-maker and make a record of your wishes.

Ensuring your substitute decision-maker understands your wishes for care is critical in case an injury or illness robs you of the ability to speak for yourself. Filling out the forms in the kit allows you to:

  • Designate a substitute decision-maker to communicate your choices when you cannot;
  • Inform loved ones and healthcare providers of your wishes, so they know they are making the right decisions on your behalf.
  • Submit a Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) order in provinces and territories where they are available.

Completing an Advance Care Plan is the most important step to ensuring the medical care you want.

How to create an Advance Care Plan

Simply writing "DNR" on a piece of paper is not enough! Download an Advance Care Planning Kit for a step-by step guide on how to document your wishes for care at end of life, and most importantly, discuss them with your substitute decision-maker. The terminology and the required forms vary slightly from province to province, so make sure you download the correct kit.

Of course, make sure to read the instructions carefully. Following the steps closely will help ensure your plan is clear, valid, and most importantly, an accurate reflection of your wishes for care at end of life.

Before you get started

To put yourself in the right mindset to fill out an advance care plan, read our list of tips on how to ensure your wishes are followed.

Download an Advance Care Planning Kit for:

We are in the process of developing a new ACP toolkit for Quebec. However, you can download a digital booklet from the Government of Quebec that explains how to designate a substitute decision-maker in that province.

NOTE: These resources are general in nature and are not legal or medical advice. Please contact your legal adviser and health practitioner for specific advice.