Make fairer access to MAID a priority for our federal decision-makers

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an older gentlemens hand gripping a cane. A younger hand is placed on top of his lovingly.

Dying With Dignity Canada has been working tirelessly to be ready for Parliament’s return this month, and we have ambitious plans in place to maintain — and build — momentum in the fight for improved access to MAID.

Our approach is two-fold: 

  1. We have launched a public education campaign to break down misinformation and other barriers to accessing end-of-life choice across the country — with the goal of deepening the Canadian public’s understanding of the issues at play with MAID.
  2. We are leading a determined campaign of outreach and advocacy targeted at government and other stakeholders — with the goal of persuading Canada’s Justice Minister to table new legislation that closes the gaps in Canada’s current MAID legislation, including advance requests.  

We need your help to ensure we can keep up the pressure — and make fairer access to MAID a priority for our federal decision-makers.

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