"I am ready": A DWDC supporter shares a poem reflecting on life and the road ahead

In this special blog post, Ontario’s Diane Handcock shares an original poem, in which she reflects on a life well lived and describes a readiness for what's next.

It is time…. 

I am ready….

My wings of life are weary

And my soul seeks rest.

How wonderous this life’s journey has been:

I have loved and been loved

And have gained much from my cherished family and friends.

I have experienced many of the countless delights that life can bring

And found comfort and hope even within great pain and despair.

I have been graced to walk within this vast, perplexing universe

And felt a wonderous star upon my face.

I have seen things as only a human can, think as only a human can

And have been awed by it all.

Know that I care so deeply for all those who surround me now.

You have touched my heart and will remain always within me as part of who I was.


I am ready.


Diane Handcock has written spiritual poetry for the past 10 years and has been published in Gathering magazine. She has always been a strong believer in the right to choice.

Dying With Dignity Canada thanks Diane for sharing her beautiful work with all of us.

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