Highlights from December 2017’s Voice For Choice

The December 2017 issue of Dying With Dignity Canada’s Voice For Choice newsletter is out.

Highlights of this issue include:

DWDC to defend patient rights in court challenge to Bill C-14

The Quebec case is poised to be a major test of Bill C-14’s controversial "reasonably foreseeable" requirement.

How DWDC brought supporters' stories to the federal studies on assisted dying

When we asked our supporters to share their personal perspectives with the federal independent studies on assisted dying, the response was overwhelming, writes DWDC Digital Communications Coordinator Rachel Phan.

Witnesses To Choice

Volunteers in DWDC’s independent-witness program explain what it’s like to help break down barriers facing Canadians trying to exercise their right to assisted dying.

On the front line: Q & A with DWDC’s Nino Sekopet

DWDC’s Personal Support Program manager reflects on how the legalization of assisted dying has affected the questions he receives from Canadians exploring their end-of-life options.

A race against time

How an Ontario man’s journey with assisted dying led his wife to become a vocal defender of dignity