Highlights from December 2016's Voice For Choice

The December 2016 issue of Dying With Dignity Canada's Voice For Choice newsletter is out. 

Highlights of this issue include:

The power of personal stories

By sharing their experiences, two courageous Westerners have exposed one of the biggest obstacles facing Canadian who want to exercise their right to a peaceful death.

New guidelines allow DWDC volunteers to serve as independent witnesses for assisted dying

Developed with the help of our Victoria chapter, the policy addresses an unexpected barrier to access facing Canadians who want to have an assisted death.

Getting an ‘A’ in activism: Q & A with University of Ottawa student Tammy Pham

The founder of DWDC’s only on-campus chapter opens up about what drew her to get involved and the challenges she faces in trying to get other university students talking about death and dying.

Personal stories drive assisted dying documentary ‘Road to Mercy’

DWDC supporters and staff make cameos in the film, which debuted on CBC TV in October.

A love story and its lasting impact

Married for 56 years, Christie and Will Bentham spawned a legacy of giving that continues on in their wake.