Cory Ruf

Trained as a multi-platform journalist, Cory Ruf has reported for news outlets such as the CBC, the Victoria Times Colonist and The United Church Observer.

He holds a graduate degree in journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts in communication from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. His volunteer experiences include stints with the Global Youth Network and World University Service Canada.


Choice in dying isn’t about adopting a callous approach to life. Instead, it’s about preparing for the inevitable. Each of us will die, but very few of us plan for end of life.

And why don’t we? As Canadians, we can make plans about our schooling, our careers and our retirement. We tell children and young adults not to leave their future completely up to chance. It’s time we took a similar, considered approach to thinking about death.

More importantly, advocating for greater end-of-life choice is about offering patients the ultimate escape from pain and suffering. Many, many of this organization’s supporters have nursed loved ones who died horribly — that’s what motivates them to speak up. These survivors don’t want to be condemned to the same fate, nor do they want you or me to go through the same. It’s time we took their lived experiences, and their compassion, more seriously.