Caring for yourself as an advocate

On November 18, the Dying With Dignity Canada team was joined by Oceana Sawyer to learn about caring for yourself as an advocate in an "experiential" and interactive webinar.


As an End of Life (EOL) Doula, Oceana Sawyer specializes in the liminal spaces of active dying and grief. She is currently researching the intersection of embodied grief and somatic abolitionism as well as developing and holding space for healing through a sensual (all the senses) lens. 

A certified home funeral celebrant, living funeral ceremony facilitator, and Conscious Dying Educator, Oceana also holds graduate degrees in counseling psychology and organizational development.

Oceana draws upon her meditation practice, experience as a sensuality educator, earth-based spirituality, and intensive study in the expressive arts and integral counseling psychology to bring a grounded, compassionate presence and holistic approach to her work. Through Death Cafes, EOL vision mapping, EOL doula training, and virtual grief events and workshops, Oceana has enjoyed working with a variety of groups and individuals, and primarily focuses on People of the Global Majority. 


For viewing subtitles in French:

  1. Click on the video to play, or open in YouTube in a separate window.

  2. At the bottom right of the screen is a block with CC in it.  If you click on this icon, the Closed Captioning will be activated and a red line will appear under the CC icon.

  3. Next, you can change the language from the default English to French.  

  4. Click on the gear icon just to the right of the CC icon. 

  5. A list of choices will appear including Subtitles/CC. Click on this option and you will have a choice of 3 items. 

  6. Choose "Auto-translate," then scroll down to find French in the list.