Carol Rankmore

Carol Rankmore has an Honours English degree from the University of Manitoba. She enjoyed a successful career teaching high school level English in Winnipeg for 27 years, ending her career with three years as a vice-principal in The Pas, Manitoba. Since retiring to Stratford Ontario, she has volunteered in several capacities with Dying with Dignity Canada, including organizing Curl for Choice in Guelph for two years and serving two years on the Steering Committee of the Grand River Chapter of DWDC.

In 2014, Carol served as Chair of the Grand River Dying with Dignity Chapter which included Stratford, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.
After retirement, Carol was diagnosed with Post-Polio Syndrome, a neuro-muscular condition which causes muscle deterioration, loss of balance, and extreme fatigue
When the Carter case in B.C. challenged the federal law making it a criminal offence to assist anyone in dying, one of their main arguments was that the Canadian Charter of Rights prohibits discrimination based on disability. Suicide is legal in Canada but persons with certain disabilities are unable to self-administer their own deaths. These people, many of whom are suffering or will be suffering unbearably at end-of-life, need medically-assisted dying. The Charter of Rights must apply to all of us. It is also a living document that must be tweaked on occasion so that it does apply to all of us.