Liana Brittain: How assisted dying has changed the way Canadians experience death

The passage of Canada's medical assistance in dying law has transformed the way some Canadians experience the dying process. In her latest blog post, Liana Brittain reflects on this change and reminisces about how she and her husband, Paul, planned for his assisted death. 

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Judy's story: I support advance requests for assisted dying because my husband's last years were horrifying

When Brian was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Parkinson's, he and his wife, Judy, read everything they could about his disease and his prognosis. They wanted to be ready and to know what to expect. Sadly, nothing could have prepared them for a reality that was far worse than they had ever anticipated. In this blog post, Judy, who asked that her real name not be used to protect her privacy, writes honestly about her husband's horrifying last years and why she wishes his right to end-of-life choice had been respected.

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Debra's story: My father was forced to suffer for months before he could access assisted dying

It was a horrifying emotional and physical roller coaster that never seemed to end. Austin, an Ontario-based man whose last name has been withheld for privacy reasons, first made the request to die with medical assistance in late 2016, at the age of 89. Time and time again, his access was cruelly denied and obstructed by medical professionals. His daughter, Debra, writes about her father's months-long struggle to access his final wish.

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Liana Brittain: Dying With Dignity Canada was the lifeline I needed after my husband’s assisted death

For Liana Brittain, the days, weeks, and months after her husband, Paul, accessed his right to a peaceful death have been both painful and surreal. Unsure of where to go for support, she turned to Dying With Dignity Canada and ended up finding new purpose and life after loss.

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AB, plaintiff in landmark Ontario assisted dying case, dies at 77

It is with both relief and sorrow that we announce the passing of AB, the Ontario woman whose court action has helped to clarify Canada’s assisted dying law.

AB died last week, with medical assistance, after living for more than 30 years with an excruciating form of osteoarthritis. She was 77 years old.

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Why I chose to have a medically assisted death

A Dying With Dignity Canada supporter explains in her own words why she chose medical assistance in dying and offers advice to all Canadians planning for end of life.

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Noreen Speaks: B.C.'s Noreen Campbell shares how she set the date for her assisted death

As Noreen Campbell’s symptoms worsened and her anxiety grew, she began thinking about setting a date for her medically assisted death.

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My husband wanted his choice to be part of his legacy. This is our story.

Since Canada's assisted dying law passed one year ago, there has been only one confirmed case of a medically assisted death on the tiny province of Prince Edward Island. It was Paul Couvrette's.

Before embarking on his "new adventure," Paul asked his beloved wife, Liana, to share the story of their love and how he chose to die completely on his own terms.

Liana is keeping her promise.

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Day 3: Court challenge to the CPSO’s policy of effective referral for assisted dying

Dying With Dignity Canada made oral arguments Thursday during the third and final day of hearings into the court challenge against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s (CPSO) policy on effective referral for assisted dying.

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Day 2: Court challenge to the CPSO’s policy of effective referral for assisted dying

Dying With Dignity Canada was back in court on Wednesday, June 14 for the second day of hearings in the court challenge to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s (CPSO) effective referral policy.

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