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Dying With Dignity Canada’s longevity and success is due in large part to the many volunteers who work on the local and at the regional level. We have Chapters across the country powered by people passionate about end-of-life choice. 

Throughout the year, we will be highlighting the stories and contributions of DWDC’s volunteers, and what motivates them to give of their time to our organization. This is Andree’s story.

My name is Andree Morel; I am from Arnprior, Ontario. I am a grandmother to four amazing kids, and I love traveling in our motorhome to new destinations. I started volunteering for Dying With Dignity Canada as an Independent Witness in the fall of 2017. I also share my lived experience with medical assistance in dying (MAID) in presentations on end of life. 

I strongly believe in MAID, having seen my daughter access it in 2017. After living with cancer for 10 years (cutaneous t-cell lymphoma), she made the decision to have an assisted death. She was only 31 when she passed, and we are grateful she was able to choose MAID at the end. 

As an Independent Witness, I enjoy helping people start the process with the MAID request form. I feel like I am supporting them in this small way after making the courageous decision to pursue MAID, to end suffering and have control at their end of life. Every interaction brings something different with it. 

I also volunteer with the MAID Family Support Society which offers 1:1 peer support to family and friends whose loved ones have chosen MAID. 

I do hope that MAID becomes more accessible, equitable, and better understood. I will continue to participate in presentations on end-of-life choice with the Ottawa Chapter to assist in this goal. It truly is a compassionate and peaceful option for those who suffer; unfortunately, it is also very misunderstood. 

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