A legend finds peace on his own terms

Personal Stories | July 21, 2023 | Lloyd Williams

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A photo of Llyod's Dad in a plaid shirt

My father was bigger than life, always on the move and a legend in his own right. 
With age, his body started to wear out. He had joint replacements, heart problems and finally strokes that put an end to his quality of life. He was of sound mind, but his body was giving up and he made a decision; he asked for medical assistance in dying (MAID).  

I cannot express enough how professional all the staff involved were. All the details of how the process works, and any questions we as a family had were answered. Even on the day of his provision, the staff asked Dad multiple times if this was still his choice. When he agreed, the staff with the utmost professionalism performed the MAID provision.  

The first drug was administered; Dad slowly closed his eyes and started into his final sleep. As the second drug was administered, he went into a really deep resting sleep. With the third, his breathing and heart functions painlessly ceased.  

I have experienced many deaths of loved ones, and this was by far the most peaceful death I have ever seen. Dad left this life on his terms; he left all the physical pain while still keeping the dignity of being able to make the choices. Dad will be dearly missed by all, but I personally am glad that MAID was available to him in his real time of need.  

Again, I say THANK YOU to ALL the MAID health care professionals. 

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