August 5, 2020: Message from CEO Helen Long

It’s time to take action. As you may know, the federal government was recently granted a further extension to the Bill C-7 timeline because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we can certainly understand how the current situation has created challenges and delays in many areas of government, our priority continues to be Canadians who want to be able to access their constitutional right to a medically assisted death. These individuals continue to suffer intolerably as a result of the delay caused by the lack of movement on Bill C-7.

It’s critical we ensure that Bill C-7 and the significant amendments that it brings to MAID legislation are at the top of the agenda when Parliament returns in late September. We also need to make sure that the five-year parliamentary review of the MAID legislation is a priority for government.

Here’s where you can help. First, send a letter to your Member of Parliament (MP). We’ve updated our message, so even if you’ve sent a letter before, please send one again. Personalizing the message is even better – just visit this link to send your message and then click in the text box to add your own words.

We have also created a new action toolkit so that you can arrange a call or meeting with your MP. During the summer, MPs are back in their home ridings, making it the perfect time for you to research, reach out, and connect with them. Every meeting and letter help to make a difference, so please considering getting involved. You can access the action kit here, as well as a handy leave-behind to send to your elected officials here.

I also want to extend a huge thank you to all of you who took part in our 40th anniversary matching donation campaign. Earlier this year, an anonymous donor made a significant contribution and suggested we make it a matching campaign in honour of our 40th anniversary. I was touched and astounded to hear that once the final count was in, the matching portion of the campaign had reached $90,000! This demonstrates how strongly you feel about the work we’re doing and how important it is to you that we continue to support Canadians in their right to the dignified death of their choice. So, gratefully — thank you so much.

As we head into the last month of the summer, please take the time to do what you can to support our advocacy work. We are busy preparing internally for our own meetings and for the work to come as soon as Parliament resumes. Your support is critical, and your voice is an important one to your elected Member of Parliament, so please get involved today.



Helen Long

CEO, Dying With Dignity Canada

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