Ask a clinician: Q&A on MAID, advance care planning and your rights as a patient — May 30, 2017

We at Dying With Dignity Canada are intimately aware that our supporters have many questions about the on-the-ground experiences of assisted dying providers and how Canadians can best inform themselves about their end-of-life options.  

To respond to this need, we held our first-ever “Ask a Clinician” webinar on May 30, 2017. In this fascinating Q&A session, two pioneering doctors in the field of medical assistance in dying (MAID), Ontario’s Dr. Chantal Perrot and B.C.’s Dr. Jonathan Reggler, answered viewer questions on what it's like to provide assisted dying and how best to plan for a peaceful death. 

This webinar was presented as part of Dying With Dignity Canada’s End in Mind Online Education Series. The video is for informational purposes only and its content should not be interpreted as medical or legal advice.