Tell Premier Rachel Notley to put a stop to forced transfers for assisted dying

Assisted dying is legal in Canada, but access remains uneven at best. One of the most harmful barriers to access is the smattering of publicly funded hospitals, hospices and long-term care homes that forbid dying and critically ill residents from accessing assisted dying on-site. These institutions, including more than a dozen in Alberta, have warned that residents who want the option of assisted death will have to go elsewhere to get it. Some institutions refuse to allow their doctors to even provide assessments for assisted death.

Simply put, these outdated, unjust policies are harming dying Canadians in their time of greatest vulnerability and need. Just consider the recent revelations reported by CBC Edmonton on the pain, stress and uncertainty that some Albertans have experienced because they requested assisted dying in a facility that doesn’t allow it.

Hospitals, hospices and long-term care homes that receive public funds have no business requiring dying Canadians to travel — sometimes over long distances — in order to access their right to a peaceful death. Allowing facilities to forbid assisted death on their premises simply puts too great a burden on the individual patient and represents a violation of their duty as public healthcare providers to ensure compassionate, non-judgmental care to Albertans at end of life.

What you can do

Help make a difference for Albertans who want fair and compassionate access to their right to a medically assisted death. Use our Email-a-Rep action to tell Premier Rachel Notley and Health Minister Sarah Hoffman to ensure that all publicly funded hospitals, hospices and long-term care facilities that care for dying Albertans allow residents to exercise their right to a peaceful death on-site — without unreasonable delays or gruelling transfers.

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Once you’re done, send the link to your friends and family, and post it to social media. Together, we can put a stop to horror stories like the ones that have appeared in the news.