Advocate for change

Are you passionate about end-of-life rights? Do you want to help protect the constitutional right to medical assistance in dying (MAID)?

At DWDC, we defend human rights by advocating for assisted dying laws that respect the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

You can help

DWDC’s Advocacy Toolkit and Action Guide provides you with the resources needed to effectively engage with your Member of Parliament and/or provincial senator(s). In doing so, you are setting the groundwork to influence  policy on MAID issues that are important to you and countless other Canadians across the country. 

The Toolkit was developed to assist volunteers and supporters with clearly and confidently communicating DWDC’s position on the subjects being studied by the Special Joint Committee on MAID:

  • Advance requests,
  • Access to MAID by people with a mental illness,
  • Mature minors,
  • The state of palliative care in Canada, and
  • The protection of people with disabilities.

It also includes a position document on each of these subjects that you can share with your MP or senator either when you request a meeting or when you follow-up after the meeting.

Download the Toolkit

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Current priorities

Thanks to DWDC’s volunteers and supporters across the country, Bill C-7 received Royal Assent on March 17, 2021, bringing in significant changes to Canada’s MAID law, including the removal of the reasonably foreseeable natural death requirement and the waiver of final consent (Audrey’s Amendment). But more changes are required and Dying With Dignity Canada has turned its attention and advocacy efforts toward the statutory review that will study advance requests, among other issues, and the independent review of mental illness.