Advocate for change

Are you passionate about end-of-life rights? Do you want to help protect the constitutional right to medical assistance in dying (MAID)?

At DWDC, we defend human rights by advocating for assisted dying laws that respect the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

You can help.

This toolkit and action guide provides you with the resources needed to engage with your Member of Parliament and request a meeting. In doing so, you are setting the groundwork to influence policy on issues – like medical assistance in dying – that are important to you.

Current priorities

Dying With Dignity Canada is currently advocating for much-needed changes to Canada’s assisted dying law, namely:

  • Removing the clause that “natural death has become reasonably foreseeable” (NDRF) as an eligibility requirement.
  • Allowing waiver of the requirement for final consent for those patients who are eligible but who may lose capacity in advance of their scheduled date.
  • Proposing that only one independent witness be required to sign the formal request for MAID, and that this witness may be a paid personal care or healthcare worker.
  • Removing the explicit exclusion of those with mental illness as the sole underlying condition from accessing MAID.
  • Lifting the ban on advance requests for assisted dying.
  • Allowing MAID for mature minors who meet all other eligibility criteria.

Let your local Member of Parliament (MP) know that you care about end-of-life choice and the constitutionally protected right to MAID. Download the 2020 Toolkit and Action Guide.

Already scheduled a meeting?

DWDC has developed a backgrounder on the right to medical assistance in dying that you can share with your MP. It has been included in the 2020 Toolkit and Action Guide, but you can click here to download and print the backgrounder (or email it) as a separate PDF for your MP.

Cliquez ici pour télécharger le document en français.

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