Ask your MLA to support the advance requests e-petition in BC

The petition calls on the BC legislative assembly to pass an amendment to the Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act.

Provincial government building in BC
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The BC e-petition on advance requests was submitted to the BC legislature on April 23, 2024 by MLA Susie Chant, with 1,205 signatures. Initiated by supporter David Stephens, the petition calls on the BC legislative assembly to pass an amendment to the Health Care (Consent) and Care Facility (Admission) Act to add an advance request for MAID option to Part 2.1 – Advance Directives.

Passing this legislation will demonstrate to the federal government the necessity to decriminalize advance requests for MAID within the Criminal Code and finally allow British Columbians and all people across Canada, especially those with early-stage dementia, the right to determine a set of future circumstances under which they would be given a medically assisted death if that is their end-of-life choice.

Right now, we’re at a critical moment for advance requests. On May 2, the Government of Canada responded to the national petition e-4726 – signed by over 16,000 people – with a brief and disappointing response. They announced that further consultation and study are needed, and that there are no plans to propose amendments to the Criminal Code to allow advance requests at this time.

A written, witnessed advance request would be a compassionate and humane change to the set of laws governing medically assisted dying in Canada. Following the precedent set by the province of Quebec, which has become the first jurisdiction in Canada to pass a law permitting advance requests (June of 2023), we would ask you to make a plea to the Government of British Columbia that they enact a similar law in BC. This will underscore to the Federal Government their need to move expeditiously on this matter.

We urge you to write to your local MLA and add your voice to this sensible change in the laws governing medical assistance in dying in BC (and also in Canada). We encourage you to personalize your message by modifying the scripted text which is provided.

Thank you for your efforts in this regard. This kind of local advocacy is very important to bringing about the legislative changes that so many people across Canada (83% in a recent IPSOS poll) want to see.

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