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As a constituent, your opinion makes a real impact.

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When reaching out to your MP’s office to request a meeting, remember that their schedules
can be busy. It’s better to propose a concise 15- or 20-minute meeting or a phone or video
call than to be turned down for requesting an hour of their time.

A call from a constituent makes a real impact. Note that all MPs should be making themselves
available to meet, so be sure to mention that you live in the riding when you are emailing/
calling to request a meeting.

Make sure your request is polite and friendly, as well as non-partisan. Volunteers are reminded
that as we are still navigating COVID-19, it is important to note that many meetings may be
held via phone call or virtual meeting platform.

Sample email meeting request

We have created a sample email meeting request which you can customize and sent to your elected representatives. Simply click inside the text box on this page, edit the information as appropriate to you and your situation, and press send. Your MP will receive a copy of your letter.

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