New video: Why Canadians deserve the right to make advance requests for assisted dying

Imagine this scenario: you’re newly retired and excited to enjoy life when you’re suddenly diagnosed with dementia. The diagnosis itself is already heartbreaking, but you’re still haunted by the memory of your mother’s last days and the way dementia stripped her of her mental capacity and ability to speak. You know firsthand that dementia is predictable in its progression, and you know you’ll likely face the day when you’re bedridden and can no longer wash, feed or toilet yourself.

What do you do? What can you do? In the past, the options were cruel: you could take your own life prematurely—often using violent or dangerous methods—or you could suffer until you die from natural causes.

A new video on our website highlights this all-too-common reality for the hundreds of thousands of Canadians with dementia or other chronic conditions that rob them of their mental competency.

Physician-assisted dying will be decriminalized on June 6, but we still need to fight for strong, patient-centred legislation that offers clear guidelines and safeguards for individuals so they aren’t forced to choose between dying too early and living a nightmare for far too long.

Currently, none of the North American jurisdictions where assisted dying is legal allow patients to consent to life-ending treatment in advance. With eight in 10 Canadians in support of the right to advance consent for assisted dying, it's time for Canada to lead the way.

While we wait for the federal government to table legislation on physician-assisted dying, we need your support now. Using our Email-a-Rep tool, Voice Your Choice today for the right to make an advance request for physician-assisted dying. If we don’t raise a strong voice now, we risk living with federal laws that restrict choice for decades to come.

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