What is the Shine a Light Campaign?

Assisted dying is legal in Canada. But in these early days after the passage of Bill C-14, we’re only now getting a glimpse of the challenges that stand in the way of Canadians looking to exercise their right to die with the help of a doctor or nurse practitioner. So far, we know that access is patchy and unequal.

In order to effect change, we need a clearer, more detailed picture of the barriers to access that exist. We need to search out these injustices, bring them out of the shadows and demand a more human alternative. And we can’t do it without your help.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce the launch of Dying With Dignity Canada’s Shine a Light Campaign. It’s an opportunity for you — the 85 per cent of Canadians who support the right to assisted dying — to ensure that safe, fair and timely access is available across the country.  

How can you help Shine a Light? In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be calling on our supporters to:

Sign up for updates from the Shine a Light Campaign today and become a beacon of light for desperately ill individuals who want the choice at end of life. We’ll be in touch soon with more details on how you can expose — and ultimately, tear down — the unfair barriers that separate Canadians from their right to assisted dying.

Who's joining

Betty Anne Burnie
Stephen MacDonald
Wanda Morris
Pat Hubley
Penny Whitfield
Eileen McMorris
Annie Cranston
anne beer
Bob Howell
Susan Jobes
Mary-Martha Flood
Heather Murray
Leslie Stevens
anne beer
Gayle Debolt
Jennifer Ryerse Jones
Louise Hanvey
Darla Moore
Nancy Dillon
Barbara Holiff
Shirley Draper
Anne Saltel
Brenda Boyd
Barb Nemeth
John Monroe
Marilyn Morris
Judy McAlister
Heidrun Boles
Sia A
Virg Archer