Wanda Morris

Wanda Morris is the Chief Operating Office and Vice-President, Advocacy, for CARP,a national non-profit organization that advocates for financial security and improved healthcare for aging Canadians.

Previously, she served for five years CEO of Dying With Dignity Canada. In that role, she was a key influence-maker in discussions around physician-assisted death. She led a national strategic campaign for legislative change leading up to the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the ground-breaking Carter v. Canada case. She has tirelessly represented the 84 per cent of Canadians who believe in death with dignity and is a strong champion for choice and compassion at end of life. 


"I think as a society we are too scared of death. We need to see death as part of the cycle of life and not go to extraordinary lengths (and expense) to preserve life when death is the kinder option.

As Canadians, we have a number of rights. Now it's time we have one more. If a time comes when I am suffering and want to end my life, I hope I can choose my time, gather my loved ones around me and gently go into the good night."