The Victoria chapter formed in December 2015 and expanded its reach to represent the interests of more than 1,000 Dying With Dignity Canada supporters on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. We work closely with the Vancouver chapter.

Resources and actions:


Leadership and focus:

Four volunteers lead the chapter:

  • Ellen Agger (co-chair), formerly in the leadership of the Nova Scotia chapter and long-time DWDC member
  • Jeffrey Brooks (co-chair), a palliative care volunteer and busy DWDC supporter
  • Adrian Fine, a retired kidney specialist (clinician and researcher) and active member of DWDC’s Physicians Advisory Council
  • John Priddle, a retired professor and active member of DWDC’s Disability Advisory Council

We work with a core group of keen volunteers and welcome others to become involved in the chapter’s activities as they evolve.

The Victoria chapter focuses on advocacy and education to ensure good access to assisted dying in BC. As the chapter is located in the province’s capital and the seat of BC’s Parliament, its leadership hopes this will help them effectively educate and advocate for the rights of British Columbians to a death with dignity.

For more information and to get involved, contact Contact us to speak to your group about end-of-life choice, assisted dying and patient rights.

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Victoria's Laura Phelps: "Help me make my mom's protracted and horrific death meaningful":

An open letter to Parliament:

What's wrong with Bill C-14?

Laura Phelps speaks with Victoria's John Priddle about the problematic Bill C-14.