Gareth Seltzer

Gareth is an engaged Canadian, active in business and quality of life initiatives. He is a partner of RYOT.ORG, which is both a news site that asks its audience to take action on every story and a production house of internationally acclaimed documentary films (RYOT Films). His personal mandate is to live as widely as possible taking every opportunity to encourage the call to action on matters of human dignity.

Gareth has contributed as a volunteer board director for nearly 25 years and continues to serve the boards of The Toronto East General Hospital Foundation and the Advisory Board of The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research among others. Gareth speaks on matters of integrating business principles with social responsibility and using social media to generate action steps. Gareth is also obsessed with his farm, world travel, old anything, twitter and is a trained paramedic instructor and diving instructor.

He lives largely in Muskoka with his wife Monique.


"There is probably no greater and more active movement than what now surrounds how people live. That is the right to live without fear of oppression, with freedom of expression, access to water (and the basic needs of life) and above all, with individual dignity.

However much is lost about how people die. It is hugely unfortunate that individuals have been denied the rights of dignity in death that we honour so much in life. These basic rights are not for rent. They are not transitory. They do not exist only for those with a voice. They are there also to protect all of us when we are no longer able to live with dignity and no longer enjoy the comforts and benefits of life. For too long we have ignored the dying and the dignified conclusion of care for those whose quality of life is no longer supportable by the simple condition of their bodies. Now is the time to ensure these rights are accessible for all Canadians."