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  • December 2014 Voice for Choice

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    Highlights of this issue include:

    What's Next from the Supreme Court of Canada?

    It may be remembered as one of the most historic days in the struggle to grant Canadians the right to die with dignity. In October, justices on the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Carter v. Canada case. DWD CEO Wanda Morris writes about the scene in the courtroom that day, as well as what's next for the landmark appeal.

    Introducing DWD Canada's Disability Advisory Council

    People with disabilities have long been at the forefront of the fight to legalize Assisted Dying in Canada. Their perspectives are essential to the advancement of Dying with Dignity Canada's cause.

    What’s Next for Quebec?

    In June, Quebec's provincial legislature passed a bill promising residents end-of-life choice. But hurdles still need to be overcome before Assisted Dying is available to Quebecers in need.

    There’s a Critical Failure in Palliative Care… In the Accounting Department

    We know there are massive gaps in the country's palliative care system. But just how widespread are they? We don't know for certain — and that presents big problems for policymakers and advocates alike.

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  • September 2014 Voice for Choice

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    Highlights of this issue include:

    We're Getting Closer

    Three separate initiatives seek to change the law in Canada. If even one is successful, at least some Canadians will no longer have to suffer needlessly at end of life.

    The Prudent Patient

    In this issue we introduce a new column. Each quarter we look at some of the ways informed patients can ensure they receive the care they want. This issue: Asking the Right Questions to Evaluate Preventative Treatment.

    150 Years Later and Still Wrong

    Some arguments deserve to be mocked. Here's why the so-called 'slippery slope' withers when even the slightest hint of critical thinking is applied.

    If Evidence Could Vote

    Not all evidence is created equal. The evidence pyramid is a great tool to help you quickly assess — and expose — the quality of evidence in an argument.  

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  • Toward the Tipping Point: 2013 Annual Report

    Rather than publish a June newsletter in 2014, we issued an Annual Report for 2013: Toward the Tipping Point.


  • March 2014 Voice for Choice

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    Highlights of this issue include:

    Real Life vs. the Movies: CPR at All Costs?

    Dr. Ed Najgebauer gives us some insights about the reality of CPR. Sadly, it's a stark contrast to Hollywood's overly-rosy portrayal. 

    Are You Up to the Job?

    Being a Substitute Decision Maker is not for everyone. Here are seven questions to consider. If you can't answer yes to all of them, think carefully about whether you should take on this critical role.

    Will Canada's Supreme Court Allow Assisted Dying?

    Recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions about assisted dying and, surprisingly, prostitution, may shed some light on the legal future of Canadian right to die with dignity legislation

    We Let Our Mother Die Because We Loved Her 

    DWD member Marion Raycheba stood by her mother and supported her decision to die with dignity. Here is her story.

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  • December 2013 Voice for Choice

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    Highlights of this issue include:

    B.C. Court of Appeal Says No

    We look at the latest decision in the Gloria Taylor case.

    10 Reasons to Legalize Medically Assisted Dying 

    There are many solid reasons to expand end-of-life choices for patients with terminal illness. But don't take our word for it. See what the peer-reviewed research has to say.

    Choosing to Die on Their Own Terms

    When they needed it, Dying with Dignity Canada was there. DWD CEO Wanda Morris looks back on the history of the organization's Client Support Program.

    Talking to Your Doctor about Pain Control

    Pain can make life unbearable, whether or not one is suffering from terminal illness. Dr. G. Arnaud Painvin has a list of suggestions on how to talk to your doctor about improving the situation.

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  • September 2013 Voice for Choice

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    Highlights of this issue include:

    Breakthrough in Quebec

    Quebec introduces a comprehensive bill to legalize assisted dying in La Belle Province. 

    Victory in Vermont 

    Vermont governor achieves political success by promoting death with dignity. 

    Our New Advisory Council of Physicians

    Three cheers for these physicians who have taken a public stand in support of Dying With Dignity.

    Hand in Hand With Palliative Dare

    Our special in-depth coverage of palliative care: the good, the bad, the evolving!

    Ethical Insight

    In this edition's column, we look at what happens when the paramedics are called - but you don't want to be resuscitated. 

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  • May 2013 Voice for Choice
  • March 2013 Voice for Choice
  • Voice for Choice - December 2012 Now available

    December's newsletter is now available and is already receiving rave reviews.  

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    Highlights of this quarter's issue include:

    Two Remarkable Canadians Endorse Dying With Dignity

    We introduce our two lead patrons, Moses Znaimer and Christopher Plummer.

    The Other Victim

    Those near end-of-life and their families are not the only ones who suffer.  Here we take a look at the ongoing mental anguish experienced by a Toronto Transit employee who was involuntarily involved when a woman jumped in front of his train.  

    Hearing the Heartbreak

    Sheila Noyes provides a very personal perspective on supporting individuals at end-of-life who call our Client Support Program. 

    Ethical Insight

    We introduce a new feature where we go behind the scenes of real life situations - and take a look at the impact of real life advance care planning.

    The Charter and You

    Justice Smith's recent decision to overturn the ban on medically-assisted dying has its roots in the protections of our charter.  Here we take a closer look at this critical document.

    In this issue you'll also find highlights from international news, an update on our Client Support Program, staff and volunteer profiles, and plenty of opportunities to get involved. 

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  • Voice for Choice - September 2012

    September's newsletter received rave reviews.  

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    Highlights of this quarter's issue include:

    Landmark Ruling

    An in-depth look at Justice Lynn Smith's decision on the Carter Challenge - a case that will impact the rights of all Canadians to medically-assisted dying.

    When No Means No

    DWD Member Camilla Isbister writes about her experience with forcefeeding in care homes.  

    Cometh the Hour

    Notes from the outstanding presentation given by Professor Jocelyn Downie at DWD's Annual General Meeting.  

    Up Close and Personal with Gloria Taylor

    An insiders view of the courageous effort Gloria undertook to attend and be honoured at our AGM.  

    Three Years Too Late

    DWD member Philip Edwards on the lessons he learned from his mother's death and dying. 

    In this issue, you'll also find information about advance care planning and becoming an informed voice for choice, updates on internal and international news, and another wonderful contribution from Katherine M. Svec in Katherine's Corner.

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  • Voice for Choice - June 2012

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    Highlights of this quarter's newsletter include:  

    DWD Spokesperson Ends His Life

    DWD Board President Meg Westley writes movingly about being present when Nagui Morcos hastened his dying.

    No Doubt About It

    DWD Board Member Dr. Johnna Fisher provides an insiders look at our Client Support Program.  How do we ensure there is no coercion when a client wants information about how to hasten their dying?

    Lies, Damn Lies and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

    DWD Executive Director Wanda Morris talks about facing-off against the religious right in a recent series of debates across the country. 

    An Overview of the Carter Challenge

    Do state interests override charter rights?  We give you a summary of the Charter Challenge (the case joined by Gloria Taylor).

    As well as articles on patient rights, the latest internal news, donation strategies and moving submissions from two long-time DWD supporters, Don Johns and Katherine M. Svec.  

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  • A Death Without Dignity

    Margaret McPhee shares her experience - and her fears - about a death without dignity.  Margaret is a long-time DWD member and a volunteer speaker in Vancouver.

    See the Front Page of our February 2012 issue.

  • Alzheimer’s and End-of-Life Decisions

    An Alzheimer’s diagnosis needn’t preclude a death with dignity

    A DWD member and volunteer has researched and written this article about options available to individuals and their families when Alzheimer’s is diagnosed.  The importance of planning is never more critical – but options and choices, including support from DWD, still exist.

    See the back page of our February 2012 issue.

  • The Logic Flaws of Rodriguez

    DWD Board Member and award winning UBC bioethics professor Dr. Johnna Fisher exposes the logic flaws in Rodriguez.

    Once you've read her article about these errors and inconsistencies, you’ll be astonished they were made in the first place - and you’ll have another plank in your platform when you are discussing the need for new laws in Canada. 

    See the front page of our February 2012 issue.

  • Life, Death and the Kitchen Table

    In this article, the 9 patient rights every Canadian should know about are listed and described.  There is crucial information here for anyone who will ever use the Canadian healthcare system.

    See page 5 of the December 2011 Newsletter.

  • What Sue Rodriguez began, Gloria Taylor is determined to finish

    It's been over 15 years since the Supreme Court of Canada decided against allowing Sue Rodriguez the right to die.

    This article looks at the three primary arguments that are being used by Gloria Taylor, BC Civil Liberties and the other co-plaintiffs to once again challenge for the right to die.

    See the front page of the December 2011 newsletter.

  • The Look On Their Faces Told Me This Would be Painful

    A DWD member shares a compelling story about the deaths by cancer of two beloved family members. 

    See the front page of the December 2011 newsletter.

  • Hospital Gets Education in Patient Care

    A DWD client has his rights violated by the staff at a hospital in rural Ontario (see page 1).  DWD intervenes and our client then has the peaceful death he desired.

    See the front page of our September 2011 newsletter.

  • Choice in Dying Around the World

    A brief look at developments in Korea, France and Australia among others - what has been happening in the Right to Die Movement around the world over the past year.

    See page 3 of our September 2011 newsletter.

  • Highlights of our Membership Survey

    Highlights of our Membership Survey
    Hundreds of members participated in this survey.  If we did have choice in dying, what would it look like?  What’s are our most critical activities – the results from these survey questions and more are on pages 4 and 5 of the September 2011 newsletter.

  • What's the scoop?

    Almost twenty years after Sue Rodriguez' request for the right to die  was turned down by the Supreme Count of Canada, three new court challenges have been launched.

    Who is involved?

    What exactly is being challenged?

    What are the differences between the three cases?

    Read the full May 2011 Newsletter Supplement for an objective description of the key elements of each case and the differences between them.

  • No Need to Go to Switzerland

    Many people are aware of the liberal assisted-dying laws in Switzerland, and some of you believe that a trip to Dignitas is your only option if you want to determine the nature and timing of your death. Not so. DWD Canada's Client Support Program provides practical options right here at home. February 2011 newsletter, front page

  • Quebec College of Physicians and Surgeons Endorses Euthanasia

    In this article, we print an extract of CBC's Dr. Brian Goldman's podcast. In this interview, Dr. Yves Robert, the Secretary of the College agrees that at some point, hastening the death of a patient is appropriate care. February 2011, page 3

  • Youth: A Fountain of Hope

    A DWD member shares the story of her mother's death, and the understanding and compassion evident as that death is seen through the eyes of a grandchild. February 2011, page 3

  • Does Insurance Cover a Death Due to Suicide?

    If you decide to end your own life, what happens to your life insurance coverage? In this article Martin Frith, Dying With Dignity Canada's Director of Education and Client Support discusses this frequently asked question. December 2010, Page 4

  • Can a Catholic Hospital Override an Advance Care Directive?

    Catholic hospitals in the US may be using their religious directives to overrule advance care directives. Could this happen in Canada? Ethicist Blair Henry talks about the differences between Canada and the U.S. and offers some suggestions for making sure your advance care directive is durable. December 2010, page 6

  • Three Cheers for Quebec

    Quebec shows leadership among Canadian provinces in addressing the issues around dying with dignity. A select committee of Quebec's Assemblee Nationale is hosting a major societal debate on medically assisted dying and euthanasia. December 2010, page 1

  • Poll Shows Support is Increasing

    In a Canada-wide poll conducted in early 2010, Angus Reid shows once again that many more Canadians support Physician Assisted Dying than are opposed or unsure. July 2010, page 6

  • DWD Membership Lags Peer Organizations

    Dying With Dignity Canada's membership, on a per capita basis, is significantly lower than that of the U.S. or the U.K. Here are some actions members can take to address it. July 2010, page 3

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