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  • March 2014 Voice for Choice

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    Highlights of this issue include:

    Real Life vs. the Movies: CPR at All Costs?

    Dr. Ed Najgebauer gives us some insights about the reality of CPR. Sadly, it's a stark contrast to Hollywood's overly-rosy portrayal. 

    Are You Up to the Job?

    Being a Substitute Decision Maker is not for everyone.  Here are seven questions to consider.  If you can't answer yes to all of them, think carefully about whether you should take on this critical role.

    Will Canada's Supreme Court Allow Assisted Dying?

    Recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions about assisted dying and, surprisingly, prostitution, may shed some light on the legal future of Canadian right to die with dignity legislation. 

    We Let Our Mother Die Because We
    Loved Her 

    DWD Member Marion Raycheba stood by her mother and supported her decision to die with dignity. 

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