• The Intervenors

    Interveners in the case include Dying With Dignity Canada, Canadian Unitarian Council, the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and the Farewell Foundation for the Right to Die.

  • CEO Wanda Morris, Physician Advisory Council Co-Chair Dr. Derryck H. Smith, Huntington's sufferer Nagui Morcos and his wife Jan Crowley all provided affidavits as part of the evidence filed in the case. Click here to read the testimony.

  • The civil claim is based on three arguments.  Click here to read about them.

  • The Claim

    Click here for the full text of the civil claim filed by BC Civil Liberties.

  • The Plaintiff's Submission to the BC Supreme Court

    Click Here to read the full submission to the Supreme Court of the Plaintiffs' evidence.

  • In a split decision, the Appeal Court of BC overturns the ruling of Justice Smith on a matter of jurisdiction (stare decisis).

    Read the decision here.

  • In this landmark ruling Justice Smith walks us carefully through her review of all the evidence.

    Read the decision here.

Carter v. Canada: Legal Challenge for Right to Die

In 2011, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association filed a lawsuit to challenge the laws that criminalize doctors for helping competent, seriously ill individuals who wish to hasten death.

Dying with Dignity is partnered with the BCCLA in this landmark case to protect the dignity, rights and wishes of all Canadians at end of life.

  • Follow the Carter v. Canada Case on our Blog
    Dying with Dignity has been following this story from the beginning. See the list of our stories as they progressed from 2011 until now
  • Dying with Dignity at the Supreme Court of Canada
    On July 4th 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada Ruled that Dying With Dignity has been given the right to intervene in the case of Gloria Taylor (Carter et. al. vs. Attorney General for Canada).
  • Frequently asked Questions about the Legal right to Die

    There are a lot of misconceptions about the legal right to die in Canada. 

    Is it legal to have assisted dying in Canada?
    Is it legal to travel to another country to have a medically assisted death?

    Questions are answered here.

  • History of the Right to Die in Canada
    A brief timeline of the history of the right to die in Canada including legislation, legal challenges and basic arguments. 
  • Lee Carter and Hollis Johnsonare also plaintiffs in this groundbreaking lawsuit. Lee and Hollis accompanied Lee’s 89 year-old mother, Kathleen (“Kay”) Carter to Switzerland in January 2010 to end her life. Learn more about their story.
  • Gloria Taylor wanted the option to choose a medically assisted death rather than slow paralysis and suffocation that she could be facing wih ALS. Find out more about her story.
  • A timeline of the events leading up to the Supreme Court Challenge in October 2014. 
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