Watch: In Bill 84 hearing, Ontario doctor powerfully defends assisted dying referral policy

What happens if doctors in Ontario who refuse to provide assisted dying aren’t required to provide a referral for patients who request it?

In her testimony to MPPs studying the province’s new assisted dying bill, Dr. Chantal Perrot, a provider of medical assistance in dying (MAID) in Ontario, gave a glimpse of the reality for some desperately ill Ontarians whose doctors refused to provide a referral — despite a provincial regulation requiring them to do so. 

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Watch: DWDC urges ‘person-centred’ approach in testimony on Ontario’s Bill 84

Lawmakers in Ontario are currently debating Bill 84, a piece of legislation that, if approved, would make changes to the way assisted dying is managed in the province.

As of the end of March, the bill is being reviewed by the MPPs who are members of the Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs. The committee will have the opportunity to propose changes to the bill before it goes back to the legislative assembly for a final vote.

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Linda's story: I saw my mother as a brave woman who had the courage to die

For more than 10 years, Linda Crabtree watched her mother suffer and deteriorate from Alzheimer's disease. In this blog post, she remembers both her last and lasting memories of her mother, and then looks ahead to her own uncertain future under an unclear and unconstitutional law.

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Quebec to study advance requests for assisted dying, health minister says

Dying With Dignity Canada is cautiously optimistic about Quebec’s decision to look at allowing residents with dementia and other capacity-eroding conditions the option to consent in advance for medical assistance in dying.

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Noreen Speaks: B.C.’s Noreen Campbell talks about managing fear and gaining peace of mind

Once her request for medical assistance in dying (MAID) was approved, Noreen Campbell realized that she no longer needed to be bound by fear.

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Dr. David Amies: Quebec tragedy highlights need for advance requests for assisted dying

In his final regular post for the Dying With Dignity Canada blog, Dr. David Amies offers his reflections on a heartbreaking tragedy in Montréal and how it highlights the need for Canadians with dementia to be allowed to make advance requests for assisted dying.

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Life on the locked unit: An employee at a long-term care facility shares why she supports advance consent

Recently, Nina Lee — one of Dying With Dignity Canada's monthly donors — offered to share her powerful perspective with us. As an employee at a long-term care facility who works primarily with individuals living with Alzheimer's, Nina (not her real name) has been confronted by the tragedy of Alzheimer's disease time and time again. Now, she's using her heartbreaking experiences to speak out in support of advance consent.

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Dr. David Amies: Pioneering association helps assisted dying providers navigate new terrain

In the face of so much uncertainty and opposition following the passage of Bill C-14, healthcare professionals willing to provide assisted dying have banded together to support and educate each other. In this blog post, Dr. David Amies introduces the Canadian Association of Medical Aid in Dying Assessors and Providers and writes about its importance.

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B.C.'s Noreen Campbell reflects on her choice in new video series

British Columbia's Noreen Campbell recognized the value and the power of sharing her story.

Before she had the peaceful death she so desired on January 12, the long-time nurse made it a priority in her final months of life to share her perspectives on planning for end of life, requesting assisted dying and the country’s new medical aid in dying legislation. In the weeks before she died, she did interviews with the Victoria Times Colonist, The Globe and Mail and with CBC Radio host Dr. Brian Goldman. She was candid and honest until the very end, offering an intimate and rare glimpse into her journey.

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Outgoing senators Jim Cowan and Nancy Ruth join DWDC

Outgoing senators James Cowan and Nancy Ruth have a long history of standing up for the rights of Canadians.

And though their time in the Red Chamber has come to an end, their efforts to defend the end-of-life rights of suffering Canadians continue. We at Dying With Dignity Canada are thrilled to announce that Cowan has accepted a position on our board of directors, while Nancy Ruth has agreed to join our Patrons Council.

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