Tell your MP to stand up for your rights

Four months after the Supreme Court struck down the ban on physician assisted dying, Ottawa has said it doesn’t plan to legislate before this year’s federal election. With only nine months left until the old law expires, Canadians are calling on their lawmakers, both federal and provincial, to develop new rules around end-of-life choice that respond to the high court’s courageous decision.

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Supreme Court ruling came too late for Kathy Wardle

For Kathy Wardle, the Supreme Court’s Feb. 6 decision to decriminalize assisted dying came too late.

She had already made up her mind that she would go to Switzerland to die with the help of a physician. The constant pain and agony she suffered as a result of her chronic osteoarthritis had become too much for her to bear. Her sister would accompany her and support her through the journey. Kathy couldn’t wait a year for the ruling to come into effect.

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New assisted dying laws not coming before election

The federal government isn’t planning to introduce new assisted dying legislation before the upcoming election, Justice Minister Peter MacKay revealed on Monday.

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