Alberta regulator puts doctors' wants above patients' rights

In his latest column for DWD Canada's blog, Dr. David Amies rebukes the College of Physicians and Surgeons for Alberta for its draft policy on how doctors in the province should treat requests for assisted dying. The new rules, he charges, are "more concerned with the feelings and preoccupations of physicians and much less concerned with those of the public and patients."

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Watch: Our Edmonton supporters voice their choice in new videos

Why do you Voice Your Choice for the fair access to assisted dying?

We’re asking our supporters to share their answers to this question in advance of our National Day of Action and Solidarity on November 4. And bit by bit, they’re letting their elected representatives — and the rest of the world — know why we are so passionate about defending our hard-won right to die with dignity.

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California governor signs assisted dying bill into law

Brittany Maynard’s dream has become a reality.

A year after the 29-year-old terminally ill brain cancer patient moved to Oregon to die with the help of physician, her home state of California has legalized physician assisted dying.

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The view from across the pond: An update from the U.K.

Dr. David Amies brings an update on the status of physician assisted dying in the United Kingdom, where religious leaders and politicians "continue to defy the wishes of a large majority of the population on matters of this sort, indefinitely."

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It's about time: Why you should participate in the federal consultation on assisted dying

Jennifer Spencer, a communications professional based in Toronto, shares her personal experience responding to the federal government's survey on assisted death, in a personal account framed by the "five weeks of hell" her family went through before her mother passed away.

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Donna's plight, in her own words

After an 18-year long struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, Calgary's Donna Delorme ended her life Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015, a friend has confirmed. She was a beautiful writer and a brave advocate, and she shared her story — in the news and on her blog — so that other Canadians, those who found themselves in her position, might be afforded more humane choices at end of life than she was.

The following is a testimony she submitted for our blog just five days before she died. In it, she describes with stunning clarity how delaying the implementation of new assisted dying laws is harming patients facing the prospect of a terrible death. We are grateful for her words.

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California dreams while UK MPs disappoint

Dr. David Amies, in his latest post for the blog, examines two large, very different jurisdictions — the United Kingdom and California — whose legislatures voted recently on assisted dying bills. As it stands, the outcomes, perhaps surprisingly, couldn't have been more different.

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Photo gallery: DWD Canada’s Voice Your Choice launch party

The Voice Your Choice Campaign is off to a roaring start after its official launch at DWD Canada’s Toronto headquarters on Thursday night.

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Dr. David Amies: 'Whose life is it anyway?'

In his latest post to DWD Canada's blog, Dr. David Amies recalls a seminal British play that, like Sue Rodriguez in the early 1990s, posed the most important question Canadians must keep in mind as we consider new rules for assisted dying.

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Assisted dying bill rejected in U.K. Parliament

The right-to-die movement in the U.K. suffered a major setback Friday, with MPs in the House of Commons voting against a bill that would have allowed terminally patients to end their lives with the help of a physician.

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