A retired doctor makes the case for moving ahead on legal assisted dying

In his first post to our new blog, David Amies, a retired doctor and member of DWD Canada's Physicians Advisory Council, makes an impassioned case for why Canadian lawmakers shouldn't wait to implement the Supreme Court's landmark decision on assisted dying.

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Death of Ontario woman, 94, exposes urgent need for new laws

A story out of Waterloo, Ont., has thrown into sharp relief the need for new laws that provide safe, reliable access to physician assisted dying.

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Family doctors' views on assisted dying are shifting

A new survey of Canadian family doctors is the latest sign that physicians' attitudes on assisted dying are undergoing a sea change.

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Does the Expert Panel Represent You?

Our CEO Wanda Morris explains why the federal government panel for assisted dying is outrageous.

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The Other Vulnerable Population



Last week the government announced the membership of the panel that will conduct the public consultation on Physician Assisted Dying. One of the questions they will have to answer are the very real concerns around how to protect vulnerable populations. 

People are classed as vulnerable when they are in a position of weakness relative to some other group who can wield power over them. 

In protecting the vulnerable it is vital that they include both major categories of vulnerable populations. 

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Disappointment in Response to Expert Panel Announcement

On Friday, July 17, after months of waiting, Canadians finally learned what the federal government has planned for the creation of legislation on physician assisted dying. The news came at the end of the week in the middle of summer barbeque season with as little fanfare as possible.

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DWD Canada raises the alarm on Ottawa's expert panel on assisted dying

Dying With Dignity Canada is raising the alarm on Ottawa’s newly announced expert panel on physician assisted dying.

On Friday afternoon, the federal government announced it is launching a national public consultation to engage Canadians about their views on choice in dying. A three-member expert panel has been appointed to review the findings and report back to Parliament.

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How to treat ailing seniors with compassion

Providing compassionate care to patients at end-of-life isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Each individual's needs are different, but everyone wants to be treated with the respect they deserve.

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Calls to DWD Canada offer insight into who may seek assisted dying

With the decriminalization of physician assisted dying less than eight months away, interest in the insights gathered by DWD Canada’s Personal Support and Advocacy Program is growing. 

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DWD Canada demands answers about plan to consult Canadians on assisted dying

Dying With Dignity Canada is urging the federal government to come forward immediately with its plans to hold a public consultation on physician assisted dying.

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