Message from the CEO: A new phase of leadership for Dying With Dignity Canada

Dying With Dignity Canada CEO Wanda Morris announces exciting upcoming changes as the organization doubles down on fighting for the best possible legislation for physician assisted dying.

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Dr. David Amies: Old debates delay new laws for assisted dying

Dr. David Amies take a look at the people, policies and events over the past year that have stalled the implementation of physician assisted dying in Canada. (And the political tug of war, he warns, is only getting started.)

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New CMA recommendations don't do enough to protect patients' rights

The Canadian Medical Association’s updated recommendations on physician assisted dying do not go far enough to protect patients’ right to a peaceful death, Dying With Dignity Canada says.

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Supreme Court allows four-month delay of assisted dying ruling

The Supreme Court has granted in part a request of the federal government to delay the implementation of the court's decision on physician assisted dying.

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5 things about Ontario's town hall consultations on assisted dying

Ahead of the looming decriminalization of assisted dying in Canada, the Government of Ontario is hurriedly consulting its residents on the future of end-of-life choice in the province.

In addition to holding another round of online consultations — the first was launched in the summer — the government is hosting a series of assisted dying town halls in nine cities across the province.

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Supreme Court hears arguments into feds' extension request

It’s now in the Supreme Court’s hands whether to delay the implementation of its landmark decision on physician assisted dying.

In their first sitting of 2016, justices on the high court heard arguments Monday into the federal government’s request for more time to respond to last February’s ruling in Carter v. Canada. The judgment, which strikes down the Criminal Code ban on assisted dying, was set to come into effect on Feb. 6, 2016.

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Dr. David Amies: Interesting times for Canada's right-to-die movement

In his first blog post of 2016, Dr. David Amies provides a timely summary of what's going on across the country to prepare Canada for legal assisted dying.

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Quebec's top court green lights provincial assisted dying law

Quebec assisted dying law, which had been put on hold by a lower court decision, has been given the green light by the province's top court.

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Supreme Court schedules hearing on federal government's extension request

The Supreme Court has agreed to hold a hearing on the federal government’s request to delay the decriminalization of the Supreme Court’s ruling on physician assisted dying.

Scheduled for January 11, the session will take place less than a month before the high court’s decision in Carter v. Canada is set to come into effect.

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New recommendations provide 'blueprint' for assisted dying in Canada

New recommendations released by the Provincial-Territorial Expert Advisory Group on assisted dying should serve as the blueprint for a pan-Canadian system for physician-assisted death, Dying With Dignity Canada says.

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