Dr. David Amies: Pioneering association helps assisted dying providers navigate new terrain

In the face of so much uncertainty and opposition following the passage of Bill C-14, healthcare professionals willing to provide assisted dying have banded together to support and educate each other. In this blog post, Dr. David Amies introduces the Canadian Association of Medical Aid in Dying Assessors and Providers and writes about its importance.

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B.C.'s Noreen Campbell reflects on her choice in new video series

British Columbia's Noreen Campbell recognized the value and the power of sharing her story.

Before she had the peaceful death she so desired on January 12, the long-time nurse made it a priority in her final months of life to share her perspectives on planning for end of life, requesting assisted dying and the country’s new medical aid in dying legislation. In the weeks before she died, she did interviews with the Victoria Times Colonist, The Globe and Mail and with CBC Radio host Dr. Brian Goldman. She was candid and honest until the very end, offering an intimate and rare glimpse into her journey.

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Outgoing senators Jim Cowan and Nancy Ruth join DWDC

Outgoing senators James Cowan and Nancy Ruth have a long history of standing up for the rights of Canadians.

And though their time in the Red Chamber has come to an end, their efforts to defend the end-of-life rights of suffering Canadians continue. We at Dying With Dignity Canada are thrilled to announce that Cowan has accepted a position on our board of directors, while Nancy Ruth has agreed to join our Patrons Council.

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Dr. David Amies: B.C. couple's case reveals even more barriers to assisted dying access

In this blog post, Dr. David Amies examines the heart-wrenching case of the Sievewrights, who were forced to die four days apart because of legal concerns. Their case, which came to light in a lengthy, nuanced feature in the Globe and Mail, highlights even more barriers to assisted dying access.

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Our tribute to British Columbia's Noreen Campbell

Noreen Campbell was a great many things: indomitable in spirit, deeply concerned about the plights of others, and wholeheartedly committed to using her voice and experience to advocate for better end-of-life choices for all Canadians.

She was, quite simply, one of a rare breed.

On January 12, Noreen, a long-time nurse who was certified to practice right up until the end of her life, accessed her right to an assisted death, dying peacefully in her sunroom with the help of a physician. She died in the company of her loving family and close friends.

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Dr. David Amies: When it comes to assisted dying, Canada has much to learn from the Netherlands

In his first blog post of 2017, Dr. David Amies takes a closer look at medical aid in dying in the Netherlands and reflects on what Canada might take away from the Dutch approach.

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Infographic: Your impact by the numbers in 2016

How did you — our passionate and dedicated advocates and supporters — help Dying With Dignity Canada effect change in 2016? The numbers speak for themselves.

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Video: Approved for assisted dying, Noreen Campbell opens up about her choice

Noreen Campbell was prepared and ready. Just one day after medical assistance in dying (MAID) was decriminalized in Canada on June 6, she submitted her application.

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Video: Why doctors who support assisted dying don't provide it

It’s been six months since Bill C-14 became the law of the land, and many of our nation’s doctors continue to have their hands tied because of unclear eligibility criteria, the fear of institutional punishment, and a patchwork doctor referral network.

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Dying With Dignity Canada disappointed with Ottawa’s approach to studying the future of Canada's assisted dying law

The announcement of independent studies into Bill C-14 suggests the federal government has no intention of bringing Canada’s assisted dying rules in line with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Dying With Dignity Canada says.

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