Right to Die in Canada

Canada has five organizations working to expand choice in dying.
Why Dying With Dignity is Canada's Right-to-Die organization of choice.  

    Not-for-profit group, but not a registered charity.

    Operates in Quebec only.

    This is the Quebecois right to die society. 

    Services are provided in French.

  • BC Civil Liberties Association

    Registered Charity.

    Based in BC but the court challenge will have national impact.

    Launched a challenge in 2011 in BC to allow individuals who are seriously or incurably ill access to medically assisted dying and consensual physician aid in dying.

  • Dying With Dignity Canada

    Informs about end-of-life options and offers tools for advance care planning.

    Supports individuals at the end of their lives, including those who want to hasten their dying.

    Advocates to change the law prohibiting medically assisted dying so that Canadians who suffer grievously at end of life will have legal options to end their suffering.

  • Farewell Foundation for the Right to Die

    Not-for-profit but not a registered charity.

    Created in February 2011.

    Farewell Foundation has launched a court challenge in BC to allow it to assist any member to end their lives in the time, place and manner of their choosing.

  • Right to Die Society of Canada

    Not-for-profit group, but not a registered charity.


    Promotes the legalization of aid in dying (euthanasia and assisted suicide).

    Educates individuals and the general public about options already available.

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