Dying With Dignity Canada was founded in 1982.

We are a national, member-based organization committed to helping people achieve quality in dying.  We help people understand all end-of-life options and work for choice in dying for all Canadians.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is:

    To improve individuals' quality of dying and expand Canadians' end-of-life options.

  • Our Mandate

    Dying With Dignity has a four-part mandate. We provide:

    1. Education about end-of-life options and the importance of advance care planning;
    2. Education about patient rights and advocacy for patients whose rights are abused;
    3. Support for individuals at the end of their lives, including support at the bedside of those who wish to determine the nature and timing of their death, and
    4. Information about the choice-in-dying movement, and the reasons why appropriately regulated medically assisted dying should be legalized in Canada.

    A comprehensive list of Dying with Dignity's Programs can be downloaded here.
  • Our Funding
    We are funded by membership fees and donations. Click here to view our audited financial statements and other relevant documents.
  • Governance
    We are a member-based organization. Our members elect a national Board of Directors that is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Dying With Dignity Canada. The Board has hired a CEO to carry out day-to-day operations and execute our strategic plan.
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